Gothed out blue hair troublemaker, loves to ensue in hijinks and tomfoolerly 

Can change into a Bagel, dislikes birds very much....

Owner of chiliweasel and technically the walrus (he never went home after the trip to the platoon)

Studying: Eygptology, Film and Baking

Likes: tacos, nachos, and videogames

Dislikes: Cakes being lies!!!! 





"To eat the taco or to not eat the taco, that is the question"



Cuddly vicious loveable punk with a temper and sweetside

Does not care what you think....seriously like none

Has a pet turtle, hes cute and likes to jam

Studying: Theater and Badassery

Likes: skating, punk music and getting into trouble

Dislikes: Kitty cats......because there plotting something.....always








Short absentminded Mechanic from that one side of the tracks

Loves tacos, siestas, and wearing somberos 

Studying: Engineering, Art and Time Travel

Likes: Classical music, surfing, and swinging his bat

Dislikes: Everything excpet on tuesdays 







"Ok who ate the last taco!"